Saturday, August 23, 2014

Making professional connections

While at ASCA this summer I made it a point to find the companies and people responsible for helping to pay for my scholarship. Naviance was one of those companies and after sharing my photo with them they asked me to share my thoughts on the conference. Click on the link to follow the story!

One Counselor's Reflections on ASCA

Much needed rest

After a much needed rest I'm back to work! Summer was short but great as I traveled to various conferences and spent time with family. I also took a break from social media as far as work is concerned so I could prepare myself for the new school year. School counselors need to take the time to take care of their minds, bodies, and souls. It makes us better school counselors. Some things I enjoyed doing just for myself was spending time with my family especially my granddaughter, Maddie. She makes everything beautiful and special in life. I also started a new project, selling wooden signs! I have never been crafty until Pinterest came along and now I am finding a whole new side of me. It's pretty cool to find no matter what your age you can still learn new things.

School started last Monday and I've really enjoyed meeting the new 6th grade students and new students to the district. I gave and received lots of welcome back hugs from the 7th and 8th grade students as well. Our staff made a effort to work as a TEAM this year...Together, Everyone, Achieves, Motivation.

Schedule changes is not a favorite part of my job but it doesn't last long so that's a positive! Sometimes students select an elective thinking they will love it only to find out there is a lot of work involved. We try to make changes as easy as possible without interrupting their core classes and if that happens the students have to make choices to change their whole schedule around or stick with the "hard" elective. It's good for students to have choices and allows them to have some input in their education.

Events, people, demands, reports, phone calls, emergencies, family, life happens but we have to find time to take care of ourselves. Find something that makes you laugh or relax, it doesn't have to be a spa day! Watching a funny video or eating your lunch outside in solitude might be all it takes to give yourself a boost. I hope everyone has a great year and find time to give yourself a little care.