Monday, June 2, 2014

Okay, folks I know it's been several days since I posted but I had to play GiGi to my precious granddaughter who had her tonsils and adenoids removed. I love being a GiGi!

School is out for my kiddos but I will be working on and off this summer preparing student schedules. How many of you work on student schedules? It is incredible the things you learn on the job and not in school. I personally do not mind working on the schedules because it helps me to fit students with the right teachers and classes. If I can help them be successful then I've done my job!

Here are things I have to do to have student schedules ready:

1. My principal creates the majority of the master schedule. She has to look at what positions we have or need. She is great at doing this by the way and wants my input on what I think will work. There are of course those situations where we have to have things a certain way. For example, I am at a rural school with 1500 students in the district. My middle school is 6-8 has to share some teachers at the high school. We have a couple of coaches we share as well as the choir and band teachers. High school usually has to have their senior basketball and football periods toward the end of the day which leaves us with morning or just after lunch.

2. I have all students complete their registration forms before school is out. We require parents to sign the form and this will save you time and energy when a problem pops up!

3. Our 6th grade students have a rotation period which includes: art, PE, health, and technology. They only electives they have to select from are band or choir and this makes their schedules are pretty easy to create.

4. The 7th and 8th grade students have many electives to select from:

Wildlife Management
Boys or Girls Athletics
Physical Education
Automation and Robotics
Design and Modeling
Science of Technology
Magic of Electrons
Medical Detectives
Technology Tools

Some of these classes are year long while others are semester.

5. There are students that need an additional reading or math skills class as well. We test all students at the end of the year to see if they are lacking any skills that would make it difficult for them to be successful.

6. I collect information from our special education teachers to what the needs are of students with disabilities as well. We do have some students that need additional resource classes.

7. Our school uses eSchool which after I input all the requests can run a "Simple Tally" and this will show me how many students are signed up for each class. There is much more than just this but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

8. Then I PRAY before running the "Schedule Students" and hopefully all students will be in a class every period!

I love this picture that Carol Miller used on her Blog!

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