Thursday, May 15, 2014

Earn a celebration

My school leadership team introduced an end of the year celebration for students to earn their way in. Each week for the past 4 weeks students have been asked to do what's right. Some weeks it's been "don't be tardy" while another week has been "no discipline referrals." Spring is the time of year students and teachers become restless due to the weather and let's face it, testing, but learning still needs to happen.

The students were given 50 points to start with and at the end all students who had at least 47 points attended the celebration complete with an inflatable rock climbing slide and obstacle course, basketball tournament, lots of food and games!

Students unable to attend were assigned to a rotation of teachers to continue their assignments. There were a total of 350 students that celebrated their good behavior and only 45 students were unable to attend. Statistics have shown about 10% of a student body makes up the majority of behavior issues and this is very accurate in our case.

Enjoying some shade and games.

After making it through the obstacle course it's now
on to try the rock climbing wall


The rock climbing wall was a HUGE hit!

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